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Bradlaugh Fields is managed in partnership between:

· BBA (Bradlaugh Barn Association)
· Friends of Bradlaugh
· Northampton Borough Council
· Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust



Bradlaugh Fields, situated off of the Kettering Road at Fulford Drive, Northampton NN2 7NX was once a golf course saved from development by local residents. Northampton Borough Council (NBC), The Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust (TWT) and the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV) came together to manage this new parkland.

Bradlaugh Fields comprises of two local nature reserves, the Hills and Hollows, the Scrub Field and a central grassland area. Within the grassland area is the Barn. The Barn is a centre for community and educational activities managed by the Bradlaugh Barn Association (BBA). The BBA is a thriving association run by community volunteers.

Local volunteers help keep Bradlaugh Fields growing! If you can spare some time to help out on guided walks, pond clearance or shrub and flower planting,help manage events, co-ordinate projects and assist with the running of Bradlaugh Fields please contact BTCV for more information on how you can become involved.

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